The following personnel have successfully completed and passed the Xero advisor certification programme.

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Rolivhuwa Mavhungu
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Zak Helms
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Emmanuel Rasivhaga
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Gabriela Grootboom


NHC is one of the proud sponsors of prizes which awards the young accountants from various local schools for their academic achievements in accounting . These prizes also give recognition to those who worked hard to improved their accounting marks significantly. 

Ayesha Chaya

Ridgeway College

I’m extremely happy to receive the prize for the top accounting student in the matric class of 2020 at Ridgeway College. I worked hard throughout the year so I’m delighted that my time and dedication paid off in a positive way. In addition, I also owe this achievement to my wonderful accounting teacher and my supportive family, both without whom I couldn’t have accomplished this; I am truly grateful for their continued assistance, guidance and for believing in me.


Ridgeway College

Through hard work and determination I managed to stay afloat and with that all my improvements were noticed, I'm grateful to have been part of those who kept on trying.

Ruzelle Nortjie

Hs Louis Trichardt

Ek het al n paar keer die rek prys ontvang. NHC het dit begin toe ek in graad 10 was. Dit was regtig 'n ekstra motivering om harder te werk vir wat ek wou bereik. Dit het ook gewys dat daar belangstelling is in een en elkeen van ons se opvoeding vanaf die gemeenskap is. Ek dink ook dat hierdie pryse meer kinders motiveer om rekeningkunde te neem vanaf graad 10.

Megan Botes

CVO Soutpansberg

Ek is baie dankbaar vir die toekenning dit het my regtig gemotiveer om my beste te doen

Lusanda Thathaisa

Ridgeway College

I never really expected to win the prize that was awarded to me because I really thought that it was meant for the excelling students in my class. Furthermore I was grateful that my efforts were being recognized and the prize just encouraged me to work even harder. It really meant a lot because I want a career  in accounting also so that was a positive sign to continue pursuing with accounting. Thank you